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Rental valuation: arrange for a rental assessment of your property and to advise on present market conditions and likely achievable rental income. Ideally marketing should commence around 6 weeks before the intended occupation date.

Level of service: during the initial valuation we will explain the different levels of service we offer and the associated fee structure. As a general guide we charge 10% for tenant find only. This essentially includes all activities required up until the tenant takes occupation. If the same tenant wishes to remain at the property we charge an annual renewal fee of 5%. For a full management service we charge 12.5%.

We are very experienced in dealing with any legal issues that may arise and have established relationships with tradesmen to cover all aspects of maintenance. Unlike the majority of agents we ensure that all maintenance work is pre-approved by the landlord.

Advertising: we understand that excellent presentation and maximum exposure play a key role in achieving the best possible rental income for our landlords. The property details, with digital photographs will be advertised on the internet, our website, with a To Let board and within our local offices.

Viewings: we prefer to undertake all viewings as this forms an important part of the vetting process. Preparing your property for viewings is very important and a well presented property will attract the best tenants. If the property is currently tenanted, then you will need to let them know that viewings will be taking place and the importance of keeping the property tidy.

Tenant checks: once we have found suitable applicants who wish to take the property, we will go through the procedure of reference checks via a third party agency.

Tenancy agreement: a draft tenancy agreement will be prepared and once we have approval from both parties i.e. landlord and tenant, we will arrange for the documents to be signed by each party prior to the start of the tenancy.

Safety Regulations: in order to let your property, you are required by law to provide the following (we can assist in the necessary arrangements through our trusted and competitive suppliers):

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and a Gas Safety Certificate. We advise that all electrical appliances are checked annually to comply with the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994.

If the property is furnished, all furniture and furnishings must comply with the Fire and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (as amended 1989 & 1993). Finally, the Smoke Detectors Act 1991 requires any property built after June 1992 to have mains operated smoke alarms installed. Older properties do not have to comply but we suggest that you provide battery operated smoke alarms.

Deposit: a security deposit equivalent to five weeks rent is required from the tenant which will be held in accordance with an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

Inventory: a detailed Inventory and Schedule of Condition will be prepared by an independent inventory company and agreed by both the landlord and the tenant.

Landlord’s liabilities: the property and contents should be comprehensively insured and you will need to notify your insurers that you intend to let the property. Likewise, if the property is subject to a mortgage, you will need to seek the lender’s consent to let the property. A leasehold property will need consent for the freeholder. If the property is owned by more than one person, the joint owner’s permission must be obtained.

Payment of Rent: rent is paid directly into the landlord’s account by the tenant. This is very beneficial to the landlord as it avoids unexpected or unauthorised deductions from the rent. For fully managed properties we will ensure rent is paid on time as soon as we are notified of a late payment.

Utilities: generally, the tenant takes responsibility for the utilities, i.e. gas, electricity, water and council tax. We will arrange the meter readings and the transfer of utilities into the tenant’s name. It will be up to you to arrange the final accounts for the telephone and television.

Final preparations: we recommend the property is professionally cleaned prior to the start of the tenancy. Also, ensure that the garden is tidy and the grass is cut. You will need to provide at least two sets of keys for the tenant and a set for the agent if the property is to be managed. Leave all the instruction manuals for the kitchen appliances in a folder in the property along with the internal door keys and window keys etc.



The first step is to register your details with one of our offices and our experienced staff will match your requirement to the range of properties we have available.

Once you have viewed our selection of properties and found the one that best matches your criteria you will need to act quickly as rental properties tend to go fairly rapidly.

Most of our landlords do not request a holding deposit but we do require prompt completion of the referencing forms.

References: satisfactory references will be required. You will be asked to complete a Tenancy Application Form (per applicant).

Tenancy agreement: we will prepare a Tenancy Agreement which is signed by both landlord and tenant. This is a binding contract. Most contracts are for a period of one year but may include a 6 months break clause

Deposit: most landlords require a security deposit equivalent to five weeks rent in advance. The security deposit will be held in accordance with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and will be reimbursed to you at the end of the tenancy, subject to the details of your agreement.

Inventory: a detailed Inventory and Schedule of Condition of the property will be prepared by an independent inventory company and agreed by both the landlord and the tenant.

Utilities: generally, the tenant takes responsibility for the utilities, i.e. gas, electricity, water and council tax. 



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